Zizzo's Auto Repair Haledon, N.J.

Zizzo's Auto Repair Haledon, N.J.

Zizzo's Auto Repair is Haledon, N.J.'s favorite independent and family-run auto repair shop. Located @ 489 Haledon Avenue in Haledon, N.J. right across from Big Jim's Pizzeria and Dunkin Donuts, Zizzo's has been family-run since February of 1996, over two decades, and family-run means that someone with a family interest in the business is there at all times.


It means that unlike the bigger chains, we have been a part of the community in the most intimate way, helping over the years to make it a better place to live. It means that we take honesty extremely seriously and accept each and every opportunity to make sure that our customer's vehicles are diagnosed properly and charged fairly!


Please don't hesitate to come and visit us when you are experiencing issues with your vehicle or simply for maintenance, where some timely TLC can save you costly repairs down the road :-)

Welcome To Zizzo's Auto Repair!

Welcome to Zizzo's Auto Repair and thank you for choosing us, we appreciate that you have a choice and we love that you choose us and will work tirelessly to reward you for your great taste in independent auto repair shops! If you have any questions for us or are simply looking for more information, please fill out form below and we will get back to you right away. 

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Zizzo's Auto Repair

489 Haledon Avenue

Haledon, N.J.


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Independently Owned & Operated Is Rare These Days!

The thing about it, that is to say, the thing about independent auto repair shops, is that they are few and far between in this day and age. Often we yearn for the simple days, when things were simple, and people and businesses were honest and fair. In the auto repair business it is hard to find. Unless...You are looking in Haledon, N.J. 

Zizzo's Auto Repair is just that, an independent gem, located at 489 Haledon Ave in Haledon, N.J. Building our business has always been about being fair with our customers, delivering great service and just caring more about you than the big box, chain auto repair and quick maintenance stores that you see today dotting the industry landscape.

We perform repairs on all makes and models of both foreign, domestic, older and late models. We have diagnostic equipment on site to make the proper diagnosis and we are not afraid to apply solid reasoning and the experience of our technicians to get to the bottom of each issue.