July 29, 1953 - January 29, 2013

Tony's life-long dream, "Zizzo's Auto Service", was established February 10th, 1996. His vision was to build a family auto service business that could be trusted in the community! Where employees would be compensated by salary, not commissions and customers would not be a number but rather a name with a family and feelings! Having a love for auto repair, his vision was to earn a good living doing just that and as he watched the signs adorned with the family name being erected, he thought back to the beginning, to where he started.


At the early age of sixteen years old, Tony started working for the City of Paterson for it's Police Department motor pool. He worked hard and learned all that he possibly could until finally qualifying to be hired as a full-time mechanic. He worked there full-time, repairing Paterson's police vehicles for eight years until ultimately accepting an offer from Ryder Trucking Co. as a truck mechanic. A few years later, a job offer from Goodyear promised Tony the opportunity to grow in a large chain operation and a short time after accepting that offer, he was promoted to their management team eventually becoming one of Goodyear's top managers.

After spending many years at Goodyear, and for many reasons, Tony had developed a burning desire to go into business for himself. When he did not have the capital to start his own business he accepted an offer from an entrepreneur to set up and manage an auto repair shop and "Guaranteed Auto Service", on Route 23 in Wayne, was started! Tony managed the entire operation from the ground up, handling business ownership the way only those who have actually owned a business of their own can fully understand. He loved it, and more importantly, it was a success...Tony knew that he was finally ready to take a chance exclusively for himself and for his own family! 

Tony was so very proud of this moment in his life. So much so, he didn't notice that a mistake had been made on the light-up road signs. The "O" in Zizzo's was designed by his wife to be a Black tire. When this was brought to his attention by his wife Debbie, with tears in his eyes, Tony simply said, "It's ok, just leave it for now." He was so proud he did not want the signs to come down under any circumstances. Those same signs remained for 21 years! :-) Tony was always so proud, appreciative and grateful for every single one of Zizzo's customers that had ever trusted him with their cars!

Today, Zizzo's Auto Service remains a family owned and operated auto repair shop managed by his own son, Anthony Zizzo Jr. The ideals that the business was started with are still strictly adhered to today. The family strives to make your family feel comfortable just like Tony Sr. did each and every day that he came to work in the "family business".

We would like to thank our customers, both old and new, for their loyalty and support over all of these years and especially for all of the "Tony stories" they continue to share with us to this very day. They are always heartfelt and warming to us.

Every once in a while an old customer comes in looking for Tony not realizing that he passed away 4.5 years ago. It is not unusual for flowers or cards to show up all these year's later and it is always assuring to hear how Tony touched the lives of so many people in his time here on Earth with us. He was the backbone of our family!

July 29th is Tony's birthday, a day that is special in our family. A day we take to stop and think about the "big guy" and what he meant to us. That is not to say that we don't think about him each and every day of our lives, because we absolutely do, but it is his day of birth that we observe and make sure to send extra love to our husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, godfather, friend and Zizzo's Founder, Anthony Zizzo Sr! We all miss you!

Welcome to Zizzo's Auto Repair and thank you for choosing us, we appreciate that you have a choice and we love that you choose us and will work tirelessly to reward you for your great taste in independent auto repair shops! If you have any questions for us or are simply looking for more information, please fill out form below and we will get back to you right away. 

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