How To Know When You Need New Brakes.

One of the most overlooked part of a car's maintenance items is the brakes. Part of the reason is that car owner's largely misunderstand some of the signs that a car's brakes are in need of being replaced. The two most tried and true methods of detecting whether or not your car is in need of brake maintenance are listening and looking. 

If you visually inspect the your brake pads through the spaces between the wheel spokes, you can tell visually how much pad is left on the brakes. The general rule of thumb is that you should have at least 1/4" of pad left. If there is less than that, you may want to consider bringing the car to your mechanic to be further inspected and possibly replaced.

Perhaps you notice a high pitched squeel when pressing on your brakes. It could be your car telling you that you need new brakes. What you could be hearing is a metal shim which is often referred to as an "indicator". Basically, this is your car's way of giving you an actually audible (hearing) warning that it may be time for new brakes. 

One exception to the sound rule is that there could be a thin layer of rust buildup on your rotors if the car has been sitting or it has rained heavy for some time. If this happens, have no fear, it is common and the sound will disappear as the rust wears off the rotors.

Other ways to tell if your car may need new brakes:

Fading or a lack of responsiveness - If the pedal "sinks" under your foot when you apply the brakes it could be a sign or symptom of brake fluid leaking from the brake system. It could also be an air leak in the hose. To tell which it is, in the morning, check for small puddles where the car is parked. Motor oil and brake fluid appear similar, but brake fluid has a much less slimy texture than motor oil. If there are puddles, it is time to take your car Zizzo's Auto Repair right away.

Pulling- Maybe your car pulls to one side or the other when braking. This can sometimes be caused by uneven wear of your brake linings. It could also indicate the presence of some type of foreign substance or matter in the brake fluid. Not to worry though, in some cases having your brakes adjusted may be the solution to the issue. Other times, they will need to be replaced in order to correct the issue.

Grinding Sounds - hearing this sound from your brakes means that you have ground down your pads entirely, meaning that they most certainly will need to be replaced. If you have this sound occurring than it is likely that you already know that you will be needing brakes and should take it immediately to Zizzo's Auto repair before doing any further damage leading to a more costly repair bill. If the rubbing of the discs and calipers together scratches your rotors, it is possible that you will then need to have the rotors "turned" or even replaced completely.

Vibration - If your car is pulsating or vibrating the culprit can often be warped rotors. It could also mean that your car is out of alignment, another issue easily cured at Zizzo's Auto Repair in Haledon, N.J. If you have ever felt the vibration of swiftly applying anti-lock brakes then you know the feeling of brake vibrations related to brake failures.

Keeping your brakes in good working order and properly calibrated can help you to avoid costly car repairs down the road or even help you to avoid a motor vehicle crash. Keep your family safe and out of harm's way. Bring your car to Zizzo's Auto Repair at the first sign of trouble with not only brakes, but any of your car's important components. 

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