Zizzo's Auto Repair
Anthony Sr
Full Service Auto Repair
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489 Haledon Ave Haledon, N.j.
20 Years In Haledon
Classic Car Sales
Family Auto Repair
Better Call Zizzo's
First Couple Of Auto Repair
Nick is really INTO his work
Haledon, New Jersey
Back In The Day
The Shop
The Shop

Welcome to Zizzo's Auto Repair and thank you for choosing us, we appreciate that you have a choice and we love that you choose us and will work tirelessly to reward you for your great taste in independent auto repair shops! If you have any questions for us or are simply looking for more information, please fill out form below and we will get back to you right away. 

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Zizzo's Auto Repair

489 Haledon Avenue

Haledon, N.J.


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